How Does It Work?

  1. Player 1 creates a challenge and specifies when, where and what level he wants to play.
  2. Player 2 is happy with the challenge and accepts it.
  3. Player 1 and Player 2 meet, play and then enter results.
  4. 4 times more chances of playing.


  • Tired of chasing tennis players you know for a hit?
  • Tired of running out of players to play against?
  • Unhappy to have to skip a hit when you can and want to play?
  • — No sweat!


  • Fair Ranking Points System.
  • Know your ITN, ranking in USA and other countries.
  • Know what your level means and what's the next development target for you.

Tennis Club Monthly Challenge

  • Club Monthly Challenge is a fun alternative to Club's Ladder Systems.
  • Automatically recognises matches between club members. No need to manage it.
  • More run and fairer than ladder systems. Based on the player performance rather than overall ranking.

Tennis New Zealand supports GrabaMatch

June 2011: Tennis New Zealand supports GrabaMatch and would like to promote it to ensure the wider tennis community is aware of the product. — Jamie Tong, Tennis New Zealand. Read more.


I think it's a brilliant idea that brings club tennis players closer. The website is also great and with lots of helpful stats. Also the points system is great, with the bonus points rewarding players that win a set even if they lose the match. All the best and keep up the great work! — Dan

GrabaMatch is working great for me. Cannot believe it's free! Where do I donate to keep it going? — Kevin

GrabaMatch makes tennis so much more fun and accessible! — Leo

I always struggled to find players to play with to fit into my floating schedule. GrabaMatch fixed all that! — Anton

Contact details are not published. They are only shown to your opponent once a challenge has been accepted.